MTA Chagigas Stereotypes  |  Purim Chagiga 2015
MTA Chagigas Stereotypes | Purim Chagiga 2015
Thursday’s Rosh Chodesh Adar programming kick-started the festive season ofsimcha for the whole MTA family. The previous night, the visiting Makor Chaim boys decorated the halls and Library with awesome decorations, helping to set the tone for the day, and they then helped lead a special Rosh Chodesh davening in Lamport Auditorium in the morning, featuring lots of singing and dancing during Hallel.
At the Chagiga down in the Lions’ Den, following breakfast which included an assortment of hamentaschen, our own David Ross’ Shir Soul Band got the ruachstarted with quite an electric set of simcha music. At one point, the circles of dancing kept spiraling inwards, creating a mesmerizing effect. Each shiur had the center circle at one point or another, with the Seniors and their rebbeimleading the charge.
We then rested for some words of Torah from Rabbi Taubes and from Yeshiva University S’gan Mashgiach Rabbi Josh Blass (formerly a rebbe at MTA ), who shared inspiring thoughts about true simcha and how we can achieve it.
Following the Divrei Torah, the award wining MTA Chorus sang a very cool arrangement of “Salam/Shalom” to the whole audience’s delight. Next up was the MTA band with some rockin’ talent, featuring solos by David Boim (’15), Josh Appel (’17), and Emmett Weisz (’15). Yoni Mandelbaum (’16) held the beat on the drums. Our band segued straight back into set number two of dancing with Shir Soul.
After another strong set of dancing and “shtick,” we were treated to a hilariousvideo about Chagiga stereotypes produced by the Senior class, with the help of Shimmy Socol (’16).
The festivities continued in the evening when everyone was treated to chulentand kugel before mishmar, where the singing and awesome spirit continued.
More is planned as we continue towards Purim. Stay tuned!

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