By Noam Josse (’17)

On Thursday, Rabbi Axelrod’s 10th grade Shiur had the privilege to go to Masbia in Queens and help out in feeding the needy. The shiur split up into two groups, one group which helped package a room full of onions, and potatoes, and another which, using their Russian speaking skills, helped get people in need the food they needed. In a couple of hours, the boys were able to package a significantly large amount of vegetables. The faculty at Masbia said that no group had ever packaged so many vegetables in such a short amount of time! The Masbia freezer was filled with sacks of potatoes and onions, and by the end of the day, the freezer was empty. Meanwhile, upstairs some of the students who could speak Russian were able to use this to help out getting people’s orders. Many of Masbia’s customers don’t speak English so it is a comfort for them to find someone who speaks their native language.

The experience was very meaningful, and heartfelt, and it taught Rabbi Axelrod’s talmidim the meaning of the mitzvah of chesed.


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