by Raffi Anapolle (’15)

This past Tuesday, some of our students were lucky enough to hear from Rav Moshe Taragin from Yeshivat Har Etzion during lunch, sponsored by the Hatzioni Club. Those at the shiur learned that there is even more to Israeli politics than just whether a specific party’s ideology is better than the next – the main focus in our lives should be and must always be what will be the best path we can lead our own lives in with the guidance of halacha and jewish values.

Furthermore, our very own Mr. Dobrick commented on the speech by saying, “let’s hopefully make clear that politics has been and must be one of the places where halacha and Jewish values are most clearly demonstrated. It is one of the places where the rubber hits the road.”

Moreover, Rav Taragin explained the new changes to the hesder programs, which combine torah learning and army service, in Israel. He explained how the new program, sheshter, would involve two years of yeshiva, three years of army service, followed by an optional year of yeshiva. As opposed to the current hesder program which alternates years of yeshiva with years of army service.

Rav Taragin explained that such a program would not involve the intense army service that mechina, the yeshiva-army service, has, which has a bigger stress on army service, and would still have a bigger stress on army service than the current hesder yeshiva-army program. Such a program should provide more of a selection for students to choose from. Such a program would also allow students to better pave the paths to their future in Israel and in life in general.

We would like to thank Rav Taragin for coming to speak to us and are looking forward to his next visit!


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