by Raffi Anapolle (’15)

This past Wednesday, the day before MTAPAC’s mission to Washington DC, students had the privilege of hearing from Avi Schranz, treasurer of NORPAC, a pro-Israel political action committee. He explained how NORPAC’s main job is to find funding for members of Congress who have actively supported Israel in the past, and hopefully will in the future, in addition to hosting Israel advocacy events, including a mission to Washington of their own in May. He discussed how NORPAC is run primarily by volunteers – the President of NORPAC himself, Dr. Ben Chouake, is an internal medicine doctor in New Jersey by profession. This just shows that for many people, Israel advocacy is a lifestyle, not simply another job.

Mr. Schranz stressed that to better advocate for Israel, research, writing, networking, and a love for America and Israel are pivotal. He explained how when lobbying the United States Congress, we must always show our representataives how a strong relationship with Israel is also in America’s best interest. Mr. Schranz helped tremendously in preparing us, and our mission would not have been the same without the knowledge and expertise he presented to us.

We thank him for being the final Hatzioni speaker before MTAPAC’s mission to Washington D.C. on Thursday, March 26th.


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