This past Tuesday night, members of Hatzioni joined with the Yeshiva University Israel Club and various other student and non-profit organizations who hosted Kasim Hafeez, a renowned Muslim Zionist. Mr. Hafeez is well known for founding “The Israel Campaign.” His fundamental belief is that much of the hatred and intolerance in the Arab world towards Israel stems from general ignorance.

Hafeez explained how he grew up with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel ideologies, in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. However, a book called “The Case for Israel,” by Alan Dershowitz, changed it all for him.

The Hatzioni members left with an enlightened view of Israel as a state. Furthermore, Hafeez explained how much hatred there is in the world – for no logical or historically correct reason – towards the state of Israel.

After explaining to us various effective methods in spreading Israel’s rich history, he closed by telling us that we must always stick up for what we believe in because “if we don’t, then who will?”


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