by Moshe Hecht (’18)

This past Thursday, MTA students, led by Rabbi Eli Cohn, had the opportunity to participate in the annual lobbying mission for Israel in Washington DC. In advance of the mission, the participants had a training session with representatives of StandWithUs, an organization of strongly pro-Israel professional activists, inclusing Shahar Azani, Executive Director of the Northeast Region, and Jasmine Patihi, Tri-State Area High School Program Coordinator. StandWithUs regularly educates students from high school and college about facts regarding Israel. Shahar and Jasmine advised the students as to how to address certain points and issues about which they would be speaking to their Congressmen and Senators.

They addressed three major topics that the students were told they should mention at their meetings:
  1. The issue with Iran’s nuclear program and the whole approach to striking a nuclear deal with Iran.
  2. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the issue over the two-state solution compromise.
  3. The rift between America and Israel, especially over the past few weeks. They also spoke about a lot more than is able to be expressed here in a single article. Please visit to learn about the facts and controversies concerning Israel, if you even think for a second you are interested or curious.
They also gave the students hard questions and situational conditioning, as if they were the congressmen and senators the students would be meeting with. This improved each students’ knowledge and confidence to understand how to raise topics and questions when speaking with the representatives from congress and the senate. This was an incredible opportunity for the students to learn more about politics and security in Israel.

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