kosher troops

Before Pesach, MTA students went to pack Pesach food for Jewish soldiers in the American army. The program is run by KosherTroops.

KosherTroops received a letter from one of the soldiers who benefitted from the packing that the MTA students did.

Below is the letter:

Dear Mrs. Fuerst,

Words can not express the gratitude and appreciation for all the food that has been sent to me. I was down to my last piece of matza when today, during our at sea replenishment, I received 8 BOXES of Passover food. My excitement could not be contained because now I can eat and enjoy Passover the way it should be done. It was really touching in many ways and my appreciation is immense. It is an amazing thing you do for us and I want to let you know it will not be wasted. Your generosity and those of the many companies and people that helped put this together made what seemed like an almost impossible Passover undertaking into an enjoyable holiday. Thank you so much for all of this.

Thank you,

AT3 Abraham Zalta


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