By Netanel Tager (’19)

An end-of-summer start to school for the 100th graduating class of MTA began with a bang at freshman orientation. It was a shortened day of school, but was jam packed with excitement. A beautiful davening kick-started the day, and was followed by a light breakfast. Next, students went to shiur where they made lots of new friends, were introduced to their rebbeim, and got their first taste of a high school level shiur. The formal part of orientation followed, where the freshman class learned all about MTA (and especially MTA’s love for feeding students pizza for lunch!). After lunch, students proceeded to their general studies classes. Whether the class was English, Math, Biology, History or gym, we all had a blast. The great afternoon came and went by in a flash for all of the members of the class of 2019. When getting on the buses to go home, we couldn’t wait to come back for more!


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