On Thursday, October 1st, the rain did not prevent MTA students and Rebbeim from enjoying the great simcha of Sukkos. Early in the evening, Rabbi Tanchum Cohen, MTA Maggid Shiur and Assistant Rabbi at Congregation Beth Abraham of Bergenfield, hosted boys from the 12th grade and alumni for a Simchas Beis HaShoeivah at his home, featuring singing and divrei Torah and visits from Rabbi Taubes and Rabbi Green.

Later that same evening, MTA freshmen headed to the home of Yoni Rothberg (’19) for a special Simchas Beis HaShoeivah (graciously hosted by Yoni’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mordy and Eva Rothberg) along with their Rebbeim, as well as school leadership. The students enjoyed divrei Torah from MTA Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes, Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker, and 9th grade student Sammy Cohen; they were also led in a variety of ice breakers and games by Grade Dean/Mashgiach Rabbi Eli Cohn, who coordinated the event. Students enjoyed the opportunity to join together for ruach, fun and Torah.


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