by Noam Mayerfeld (’19)

At the introductory debate meeting this week, novices learned all about the famous MTA Debate team. The meeting started with a speech from Aryeh Tieffenbrun, an MTA graduate and veteran debater, explaining what debate is all about. The program continued with a mock debate on the topic of whether MTA’s debate team should be abolished! The debate officers spoke expertly and showed the newcomers how a debate match operated. After the debate was over, the novices graded each debater based on his performance, and learned immensely from their techniques and strategies. After this humorous debate match, another debate team veteran, Dovid Schwartz, spoke to the novices. Then, Tsahi Halyo, Ezra Epstein and Yehuda Goldberg spoke briefly about books they read over the summer. The students then broke up into groups and discussed the upcoming novice debate topic: Resolved – Donald Trump Should be Elected as our Next President. The group of freshmen sat with Yehuda Goldberg and went around in a circle suggesting proofs and rebuttals to the resolution. They learned how to organize their thoughts, summarize their ideas, and react to previous statements in a concise manner. The next meeting will take place this coming Monday night whne the novices will begin to practice for their first debate. They have a lot of work ahead of them, but are looking forward to a wonderful experience.


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