by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

This Wednesday, a select group of 12th graders were privileged to hear from a noted Torah scholar, Rabbi Ezra Schwartz. Rabbi Schwartz is a Rosh Yeshiva and Bochen at Yeshiva University, and teaches classes on numerous topics across the Jewish spectrum; he is also the rabbi of the Mount Sinai Congregation here in Washington Heights (and a proud MTA parent). Despite his busy schedule, Rabbi Schwartz was able to designate a time slot specifically to discuss topics being learned in MTA’s 12th grade Jewish History class which is taught by Mr. Jacob Bernstein. Topics covered in his discussion included the contributions of different rabbis in the 16th century to Kabbalah and other Jewish scriptures and especially to Halacha. Rabbi Schwartz made sure to reference various texts from that time in order to convey the information to the students in manner which was quite successful. Some of the works referenced included the “Shulchan Aruch” and the “Rema,” the most signifiacnt works of Halacha produced at that time. The MTA seniors are grateful to Rabbi Schwartz for meeting with them to discuss the matter, and is thankful to Mr. Bernstein for organizing the meeting.

To hear the presentation, click here.


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