As of March 2016, a redesigned SAT exam will be administered to test takers, leaving educators, students, and parents alike with a bit of concern as to what the new test will ultimately look like. Will it be user friendly? Will it offer a better chance to score higher? Unfortunately, that answer cannot be confirmed until several million students take the test.

Fortunately, however, MTA’s devoted College Guidance Office got to work to make sure that all MTA students and parents are comfortable heading into the new exam. Mr. Sragow and Rabbi Brownstein, along with Mr. Shatzer, worked to design a crash course for the December SAT, preparing students for the the older exam should they prefer to take an exam that presents less uncertainty. Mr. Sragow, Director of College Guidance, coordinated a diagnostic test to determine need. Mr. Shatzer, Chair of the Math Department, volunteered to teach the Math section. Rabbi Brownstein, College Guidance Advisor and Instructor of English, volunteered to teach the English Language section. The students will be eased into a routine to prepare for the older, familiar test.

Once again, MTA takes the lead in programs that offer opportunities and enhance education! Special thanks to the teachers for volunteering to take on this extra course.


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