On Wednesday, October 28, 2015, the MTA student body was privileged to hear from Mr. Paul Friedman, northeast Regional Director of Stand With Us. The event, which was organized by Hatzioni Treasurer Hillel Krief (’16), focused upon the current crisis in Israel. After a brief introduction and an analysis of the students’ areas of interest, the floor was opened to any questions students had regarding Israel, anti-Semitism and Stand With Us. Mr. Friedman, who was eager to answer everyone’s questions, delivered an enthusiastic outline of the situation at hand, while simultaneously educating the group on modern Israeli history. The program lasted through lunch and served as an educational dialogue; by all accounts it was a huge success and it proved to be both enjoyable and informative for everyone. Hatzioni and the entire MTA student body would like to thank Hillel Krief (’16) for organizing the event, and Mr. Friedman for coming to speak.


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