by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

On Monday, November 2nd 2015, the Academy News Editors in Chief and yearbook staff traveled 4 miles south to Columbia University for the 76th annual Scholastic Press Association Fall Conference. Upon arrival, each student was supplied with a schedule of sessions to choose from, each of which would aid them through the process of composing their publication. These sessions covered the entire spectrum of journalism, from cryptography to humor, each with their respective goals. During these sessions, the MTA students worked hands on with New York City’s best professors, journalists, and editors, some of which have written for the New York Times and similar publications. After the first two sessions, the students took a lunch break to eat, explore the University’s campus, and mingle with some of the brightest high school students in the nation that shared similar interests with them.

Following the break, everyone congregated back into various classrooms, auditoriums and lecture halls across campus for more lessons that would both intrigue and educate them. One class that was of particular interest to the students was the editors meeting, in which MTA’s yearbook and newspaper editors joined the ranks of some of the greatest in the nation, and examined award winning papers and yearbooks to derive ideas from. After the fifth and final session, all the students returned to the main auditorium for closing remarks and information on the next conference. All in all, the trip served to improve this year’s and all the following years’ Academy News and yearbooks, and succeeded in doing so while the students enjoyed themselves.

Special thanks to Mrs. Hadassah Siegfried, who organized and accompanied the students on the trip.


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