by: Hillel Krief (’16)

On Wednesday, November 4th 2015, students in the Names Not Numbers Holocaust documentary program, this year joined by the rest of the senior class, travelled to Battery Park in Lower Manhattan for the annual visit to the famed Jewish Heritage Museum. Upon arrival, the students were greeted by the museum staff and given a basic overview of World War II and the Holocaust. This lesson smoothly transitioned into a theological workshop in which students delved into the Jewish life during the time and even analyzed a number of ethical wills, written as a last message to family members whom the writers assumed they would bever see again. Before continuing their journey, the students were served a scrumptious lunch, at which time they reflected upon their previous discussions. Afterwards, students in groups of 12 were led through the museum which consisted of a chronological display of events beginning from 1933, when Hitler came to power, until the emancipation of the Jews. Each tour guide developed a strategy to educate his respective group; for example, putting emphasis on certain individual stories for the Names Not Numbers participants. Upon the culmination of the trip, the entire senior class gathered just across the river from Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty in sight to articulate the idea of religious freedom for Jews today. Special thanks to Mrs. Rosenberg, creator of the NNN program, for organizing and arranging the trip, and to the Rebbeim and Mr. Dobrick who accompanued us.


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