The freshman class welcomed Mrs. Tamar Sheffey, our Director of Guidance, into their shiur classrooms this past week to run a session on Time Management and Organization. Students were given the chance to analyze their personal level of time control and organization. As the conversations deepened in the classrooms, students discussed why being organized and managing time is helpful and necessary. Some answers included: “It helps you remember what you have to accomplish, decreases stress, helps you reach goals and allows you to find time for fun, relaxation and most importantly, sleep.” They touched upon the “tools of the trade,” pointing to planners, online calendars, the myhomework app, google classroom and Renweb. They made note of the “whens” of studying and making the most of the evenings, Fridays, Sundays and even Motzaei Shabbos! Lastly, they talked about fitting in breaks and fun to keep yourself sane through all of the work. Students walked out with handouts reinforcing the lessons and are always welcome in any Guidance Counselor’s office to continue the conversation!


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