Walking through Central Park a few weeks ago, BJ Frenkel (’05) bumped into Mr. Lenny Wetzler, the former MTA Librarian who retired in 2010 after many years at the school. He was saddened to learn that Mr. Wetzler’s identical twin brother, Peter, who often visited MTA, passed away almost a year ago.

With Peter’s first yartzeit coming up in just 2 weeks on the 18th of Kislev, BJ then took it upon himself to organize a siyum – sending out an email to many alumni asking them to sign up to learn.

The plan is to make a Siyum on Sunday night, November 29th, 8 pm, place TBD, most probably somewhere in Queens.

If you would be interested in helping learn li’iluy nishmas Peter, Yitzchak ben Mordechai, please click here to sign up on the google form. The goal is to learn one Seder of Mishnayos first (Nezikin) and fill up more as people sign up. The Google Doc has separate tabs for each Seder and is divided up by Perek. Additionally, when signing up to learn, please indicate if you plan on attending the Siyum. You can sign up here.


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