by Rami Nordlicht (’16)

On Thursday, the MTA College Bowl Dandy Lions traveled to Heschel for their first meet of the year. The JV team soundly took care of business, winning all four games they played against Heschel, Ramaz, Flatbush, and Magen David. We would like to extend a shout-out to sophomore Noam Putterman, who answered clutch questions in overtime to give the Dandy Lions a hard-earned victory over Heschel. The Varsity team also fared well, winning their matches against Flatbush and Ramaz while losing a nail-biter to Westchester. We would also like to extend a shot-out to senior Mendel Weintraub who nearly single-handedly defeated Ramaz with his epic spree of correct responses. Both JV and Varsity look to be contenders for the championship and we look forward to another successful year of MTA college bowl.


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