by Eli Kahn (’16)

This Monday, the Names Not Numbers program and the entire senior class was privileged to meet with Dr. Michael Berenbaum and hear an informative presentation about filming documentaries and about Kristallnacht, the 77th anniversary of which was commemorated that day. Dr. Berenbaum is a renowned professor, writer, and film-maker in the world of Jewish and Holocaust history, best known for his roles and contributions to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Research Institute. The session served both to inform the group on the era of Nazi anti-Semitism and to develop techniques that would later be applied to the documentaries which the students would make. As Dr. Bernbaum put it: “it is our responsibility to document the words of the survivors, as we are the last generation that will be granted this tremendous opportunity”. Dr. Berenbaum referenced numerous cases in which he applied these techniques to both teach the story of the individual survivor and to move the crowd emotionally. All in all, the session was successful in its attempt to educate the senior class on the matter at hand.

Dr. Berenbaum’s speech can be heard here.


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