The Debate Club was very fortrunate to have Mr. Zack Rosenberg as its speaker last week to discuss how to cross examine. Mr. Rosenberg, a graduate of University of Chicago Law School, husband of our new math teacher Mrs. Newborn, and a participant in our recent Shabbaton, shared classic and newer methods of wearing down an opponent’s case by employing unusual cross-examination techniques. Debate co-presidents C.J. Glicksman (’16) and Yehuda Goldberg (’17) then debated the Great Debate topic of organ transplants. They applied the suggestions given regarding cross-exam and showed the novices how to ask questions that can unhinge the opponents’ case. In the past, Mr. Sragow, Mr. Pinsker, and Rabbi Brownstein have also spoken at Debate preps in their fields of expertise. The Debate Club appreciates all the teachers’ support in helping the students develop greater knowledge of their Debate topics.

Our Great Debate is scheduled for Sunday, December 20. The resolution: Organ donation consent should be legally presumed.


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