by: Yosef Schatz (’16)


Every football fan’s favorite part of Thursday is Thursday Night Football, and what better way for a fan to spend Thursday night than at an actual NFL football game! Well, that’s exactly how many MTA juniors and seniors spent last Thursday, November 12th in advance of the Shabbaton. Thanks particularly to Shuey Jacoby and Elie Hirt, the eleventh and twelfth graders were able not only to attend the Jets-Bills game that evening but also to actually go on to the field prior to the game and meet people like NFL star Randy Beverly, who played cornerback for the New York Jets in 1967-69 and who is most notably known for making two key interceptions that aided the Jets to their historic victory in Super Bowl III. Another feature that added to the experience, although some may say it was an eyesore, was the introduction of Color Rush Jerseys by the NFL, which were featured at that night’s game. Despite the Jets loss to the Bills that night, the experience proved to be thrilling and something you could get #Nowherebuthere.


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