This past Monday, the Senior Class had the opportunity to hear Rabbi Michael Schudrich, the Chief Rabbi of Poland, speak about his experience as the rabbinic leader of a country and the Jewish community’s significance, both historically and contemporarily. A musmach of RIETS here at YU, Rabbi Schudrich described his experience in helping Jews of Poland, who for many years had to hide their Jewishness out of fear, return to their roots, relating some individual cases that have stood out in his mind throughout his tenure. He then spoke about his ongoing effort to memorialize mass graves in Poland, as well as his new project aimed at getting medical and other living supplies delivered to needy Jewish families and to many “righteous gentiles” of Poland who risked their own lives and the lives of their families in order to save Jews during the Holocaust. He also offered MTA’s “Names, Not Numbers” class various tips on interviewing survivors, explaining the process of not only getting a list of facts, but also creating a story that has a relatable emotional aspect. At the end, he opened the floor to questions, and students inquired about a diverse range of topics, covering everything from interview techniques to Rabbi Schudrich’s attainment of his current position. We are extremely grateful that Rabbi Schudrich made it a priority to address the MTA students and hope to hear from him again soon.


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