by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

On Tuesday, November 24th, 2015, the MTA senior class had the privilege of meeting with Yeshiva University President Richard Joel (’68) to discuss the next four years of their lives. During the meeting, held in his office, President Joel discussed at great length his personal experience as a college student at a secular university and the challenges he faced while trying to retain his Jewish identity throughout. This journey expanded beyond President Joel’s college years, and into his time as President and International Director of Hillel, an organization which supports Jewish life for students in secular colleges and universities throughout the world. After drawing comparisons between Hillel and Yeshiva University, President Joel concluded that no college, even one with the largest Jewish body and most active Hillel group, can compete with Yeshiva University in terms of enabling a student to develop and maintain his Jewish identity while growing both in Torah and other studies. He stressed the idea that YU’s infrastructure and yearly schedule is catered to the needs of the observant Orthodox Jew. In addition to pointing out the religious benefit of attending Yeshiva University, President Joel also made sure to incorporate an outline of all of YU’s many amenities, including academic and extra-curricular opportunities, to complement the previously mentioned points. The MTA senior class is grateful for the opportunity to meet with President Joel and many are certainly considering attending Yeshiva University for college (if they haven’t already decided to do so).


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