Towards the end of Shacharis on Wednesday, Rabbi Taubes proudly called up a number of students who had reviewed the entire Masseches Megillah, which they had originally learned for last year’s yeshiva-wide siyum in June. Some of the boys even reviewed it twice!

Before Rabbi Taubes delivered the cash prizes to all those who had achieved this impressive accomplishment, Izzy Klavan (’18) said the “Hadran” on behalf of the entire group of students. Rabbi Taubes then encouraged more students to undertake this project in the future and thanked Rabbis Danto and Pearl for their work in initiating it.

Mazel Tov to Aryeh Berman (’18), Jonathan Felman (’18) and Izzy Klavan (’18) who completed the chazarah twice, and to Jack Alkhabaz (’17), Yehuda Colton (’17), Eli Fink (’17), Aharon Tager (’17), Dov Tuchman (’18), Aviel Zaghi (’17), and Ben Zion Zuckier (’17) who each completed the chazarah once.


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