IMG_5367Yeshiva University High School for Boys (YUHSB) is delighted to announce a partnership with Rastegar Capital, a private investment firm dedicated to providing an abundance of wealth so that individuals can enjoy the abundances of life. As part of this partnership, Rastegar Capital has provided all MTA basketball and hockey student athletes – both Junior Varsity and Varsity – with Under Armour® warm-up apparel bearing the Rastegar Capital logo.

Rastegar Capital takes special interest in supporting the causes that their investors are supporters of and more importantly the communities that are the homes of the real estate assets that they own. They are focused on growing communities and investing in assets that not only help the tenants prosper, but also the communities at large.

Ari Rastegar, CEO of Rastegar Capital, expressed his enthusiasm for being able to support MTA athletics saying, “Education provided me with the greatest gifts and opportunities that now enable me to support our local youth. It’s an honor to play a role in the physical well being and education of students at the nation’s first and oldest academic Jewish high school.”

Sponsoring YUHSB is especially special to Rastegar Capital because it was the educational home of two of its original founders, J.D. (’04) and Jessie (’08) Stettin.


About Rastegar Capital


We created Rastegar Capital to formalize our private equity business and to best serve our investors. Rastegar Capital’s mission is to provide exceptional investors with exceptional investments.


Rastegar Capital clients lead their firms and their fields; in turn, they look to us to lead them to wealth through investment. We offer our clients unparalleled access to the most exclusive real estate investment opportunities. Rastegar Capital looks to invest in only the safest and strongest institutional-grade commercial real estate projects that are managed by world-class sponsorship and structured to mitigate downside risk while maximizing upside exposure.


Meet the CEO – Ari Rastegar

Ari is an attorney and a real estate entrepreneur dedicated to building wealth for his clients. He founded Rastegar Capital as a best-in-class firm so as to provide access, transparency and service to his growing investor base across a broad range of commercial real estate investments.

Even during his law school years, Ari was busy building and running a real estate development company. His keen understanding of the market and talent in structuring deals quickly built up this “side business” into a small enterprise which he had the foresight to exit near the peak of the market. Upon graduating with a J.D. from St. Mary’s University, Ari moved to New York City to pursue a unique position with King and Grove Hotels (now Chelsea Hotels), working directly for the wildly successful CEO, Ed Scheetz. In this capacity Ari shadowed Scheetz through several complex acquisitions, including that of the world famous Chelsea Hotel.

Ari’s quick and sizeable success with the King and Grove Hotel Group caught the attention of lifelong friend and savant real estate investor Nate Paul of World Class Capital Group. At Nate’s behest, Ari joined World Class to help start the New York City office and develop the firm’s private equity division. Here, Ari was an instrumental part of equity funding across their growing billion dollar commercial real estate portfolio spanning the U.S..

A true Aggie at heart, Ari returned to his native Texas in 2015 to found Rastegar Capital and focus on serving his investors. He, his wife, daughter and newborn son now live in and are active in the revitalization of downtown Dallas. Ari’s focus on community has made him a longtime supporter of Save the Children Charity and the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. During the increasingly rare intervals in which Ari is not working, he can be found boxing, wandering the galleries at the Dallas Museum of Art or enjoying a great book. Rastegar Logo




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