by Yosef Schatz (’16)

In light of the on-going crisis in Israel, with terrorist attacks being attempted almost every day, MTA held a special program to update students about the situation in general, and, as Rabbi Taubes pointed out, to encourage us all to do what we can to feel the pain and suffering experienced by our brethren, but at the same time develop the appropriate optimism and confidence in the fact that our enemies will not defeat us.

The program featured remarks from Rabbi Eli Cohn (’00), who related his personal experience having been in Israel just a week ago to attend his sister’s wedding. He explained how despite the jubilation and euphoria he felt due to the family simcha which was taking place, there was an overwhelming sense of fear embedded into society, but yet a sense of trust that eventually we will overcome this difficult situation. Following Rabbi Cohn, Jason Blatt (’16), one of the senior presidents of Hatzioni, discussed his recent trip to the Schwartz residence in Sharon, Massachusetts, along with four of his MTA classmates, to join the many people who went to comfort the mourning family of Ezra Schwartz, hy’d, the recent Maimonides High School graduate who was the victim of a terrorist attck just a few weeks ago. Jason helped relate the feeling in the home to the student body, easing them into inderstanding of the reality that is terrorism in Israel today, but also sharing the powerful message of hope and unity among Klal Yisrael at this trying time.

The event, which climaxed with a video presentation by Daniel Rivlin (’17) and concluded with the recitation of two chapters of tehillim, served to inform the student body of the current crisis and to revive our connection to the land of Israel and its people, and did so most successfully.


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