by Amiel Katz (’16)

This past week marked the beginning of one of the most joyous holidays of the calendar year – Chanukah! To mark this special occasion, MTA began the celebration with free sufganiyot for the entire school (sponsored by Student Council) on Monday, the first day of Chanukah. But the fun certainly didn’t stop there. On Tuesday and Wednesday, virtually every shiur in the yeshiva participated in some sort of Chanukah related event together with their respective Rebbe. Among the events were get-togethers at the homes of some of the Rebbeim, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments at school, trips to sports complexes and other places, and more. Each shiur exclusive event served to foster a bond between the Rebbe and his talmidim and, of course, to celebrate the festival of lights appropriately – by eating oily foods!

The MTA Chanukah extravaganza culminated this Thursday with the annual school-wide Chanukah Chagigah featuring the MTA Band, the MTA Chorus, and the world famous singer Eitan Katz, leading much spirited singing and dancing. Other activities at the Chagigah included the drawing of the winning tickets in our annual Chinese auction, an inspiring dvar Torah from Rabbi Jonathan Schachter, a Rebbe at YU’s Stone Beit Midrash Program, and a display of remarkable talent by Avi Matanky, our Director of Admissions, who balanced various items on his chin, and by Rabbi Darren Blackstein, a Rebbe in Ptach and a recognized karate expert, who demonstrated his skill at breaking concrete with his bare hands! Throughout the Chagigah, the entire yeshiva had the opportunity to join together over great food and great singing and dancing to celebrate the last day that we would spend together as a group before the end of Chanukah.

All in all, Chanukah at MTA proved to be both joyous and uplifting as always, and we thank Rabbi Jon Green and Elie Hirt of our Student Activities Office for helping to make it all happen.



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