by Miki Kolber ’16

Last Thursday, Professor Nathan Aviezer of Bar-Ilan University in Israel, a world renowned physicist, visited MTA to give a presentation entitled “On Contradictions Between Torah and Science.” Addressing the students in Bekius shiurim, Professor Aviezer demonstrated how modern scientific findings actually support the Torah’s account of the creation of the universe in Bereishis. After speaking briefly about the story of creation, Professor Aviezer quoted statements from the world’s leading astrophysicists and cosmologists regarding the fact that the generally accepted “Big Bang Theory” requires acknowldeging the concept of creation in order for it to make any sense. Following that, he went through the Torah’s story of creation day by day, at first contrasting the views posited by the Torah and by science, but ultimately demonstrating that there has never been a real conflict to resolve at all. Topics covered included the “upper” and “lower” waters, the formation of our landmasses, the purpose of stars, and the explosion of lifeforms, among a variety of others. Professor Aviezer’s insights helped everyone gain a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of Judaism and of the mechanics behind the beginnings of the universe as we know it, reconciling the two in a harmonious fashion.

Click here to listen to the speech.


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