On Wednesday, with the help of Mrs. HLZacks, MTA LEAD hosted a small networking event, allowing prospective entrepreneurs to meet and partner with prospective product designers. Students from across all grades joined along with the Scientific Engineering students and worked in small groups to play the role of both the business leader and the product innovator. Students discussed ideas ranging from new websites to strollers that can divert rain. At the conclusion, the students were posed a challenge; they were tasked with going home and speaking to three different people to find out about a problem that each person finds frustrating. They then need to choose one of the three and try to develop a solution and email their odea to Shuey Jacoby, who will review all the plans with Mrs. HLZacks. The student who submits the idea which Shuey and Mrs. HLZacks determine to be the best will earn a free lunch!

In partnership with YU’s Sy Syms School of Business, MTA LEAD was founded in 2012 to enable provide business minded students with an unparalleled platform to learn important skills. Over the course of the year, participating students attend workshops from college professors, hear lectures from senior business executives, are mentored by Syms’ students and/or ultimately pitch a business idea to the MTA LEAD executive council. For more information, contact Shuey Jacoby at joshua.jacoby@yu.edu.


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