by Avraham Tsikhanovski (’16)

Last week, Mr. Sragow, MTA’s Director of College Guidance, and two MTA seniors visited Brandeis University. The trip started on Friday morning and the MTA delegation arrived at Brandeis around noon. After eating some delicious food at the Kosher cafeteria, they proceeded to the admissions office to hear a very informative presentation about the university.

They learned that Brandeis was founded as a response to racism at Ivy League colleges in the 1940’s. Jews and other minorities were often denied to admission to the Ivies due to prejudice, and many leading Jewish figures at the time founded the university as a school of higher learning which would accept people regardless of their socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

Shabbos proved to be a very special experience as well. Mr. Sragow and the students were treated to the warm hospitality of the students at Brandeis. Davening, eating, and socializing with the students proved to be very informative about the Jewish life on campus, and the students answered any questions that the seniors and Mr. Sragow posed. Over the weekend the group got to experience the wonderful autumn of Waltham, Massachusetts and specifically the attractive campus of Brandeis University.

All in all, it was a very pleasant and educational trip. Mendel Weintraub and I want to thank Mr. Sragow for the sacrifice and effort that he put into organizing the trip.


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