by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

On Thursday, December 17th, Rabbi Shulman’s Shiur had the opportunity to help distribute meals to the needy community in Queens through Masbia. The class began their eventful morning arriving at the Masbia headquarters at 11:15 AM and got straight to work. Tasks completed by the students ranged from packing onions into bags to taking orders in Hebrew and Russian, and were completed enthusiastically and productively. From the time the boys arrived until the time they left, which was roughly 2:00 PM, virtually every moment was occupied by the students hard at work to do this great chesed. The Shiur had a great time partaking in this unique chesed opportunity and celebrated by having lunch at Carlos & Gabby’s. Hopefully, Rabbi Shulman’s shiur as well as all the other shiurim in MTA will be able to take advantage of such a meaningful opportunity in the near future.


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