by Yosef Schatz (’16)

On Monday, the MTA Chess Team traveled across the Manhattan Bridge, through Brooklyn, all the way to Long Island, to face off against Yeshivas Rambam for their first chess match of the season. The team practiced hard for this match, playing chess daily for weeks on end in our own Joseph Alexander Library. It all paid off as the players went on to win 11 out of their 14 games to put their record at 11-3, a great start to the season. Not only was the team victorious in the bulk of their matches, but the members were also stylish, sporting brand new jerseys for the first time in MTA history. For their next match, the MTA Lion Kings are scheduled to face off against the DRS Wildcats (also in Long Island), where they hope to earn more victories in order to be one of the four schools selected to participate in the annual Yeshiva League Chess Championship and bring back the crown to The Den!


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