by CJ Glicksman (’16)

This past Sunday, MTA held its annual Great Debate at Yeshiva University’s Belfer Hall. MTA invited 12 Yeshiva High Schools to participate in a day full of debating on the topic of whether or not organ donation should be presumed after death.

The program started off with an extemporaneous speaking competition. Those who wanted to compete were given a random topic and twenty minutes time to prepare a five-minute speech on that topic. The top five speakers moved on to the next round, which would take place after the debates. MTA’s own Yehuda Goldberg (’17) placed in the top five.

After the extemporaneous speaking competition, a pizza lunch was served. After lunch, each debater, judge, and timekeeper looked at the program boards, prepared by CJ Glicksman (’16), to see what room they were assigned to for the first round. After a first round of heated debate it was time for the second round. And, as one might expect, following the second round of heated debate was the third round!

When all of the debates were finished, the scores and rankings of each debater and team were typed into a computer by science instructor Mr. Chaim Goldberg (’03). While the results were being determined, the second round of extemporaneous speaking was held. After deliberation, the judges decided that Yehuda Goldberg (’17) deserved the first place trophy for the extemporaneous speaking competition.

Then, finally, the scores from the debates were announced. Though MTA did not win any first place debating awards, Ezra Epstein (’16) and Dovid Schwartz (’17) did win third place team, and Dovid Schwartz (’17) won fifth place debater.

Congratulations to all the winners!

To see more pictures from the event click here.


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