by David Pando (’16)

On Wednesday, December 30, 2015, a second group of eighth graders came from various communities around the New York metropolitan area to experience what a day at MTA is like. The program kicked off when the students arrived in buses from their respective communities at around 9:30 and were treated to a delicious breakfast consisting of hash-browns, scrambled eggs, doughnuts, and orange juice. Following breakfast, the eighth graders were divided into four groups and were guided by MTA’s Student Ambassadors to sit in on actual MTA Shiurim.

During lunch, the eighth graders had the opportunity to choose an MTA extra-curricular activity to partake in. At around 1:00, the groups gathered in the lunchroom for lunch supplied by Carlos and Gabby’s, followed by Minchah. After Minchah, the students again split up into their respective groups and sat in on some of MTA’s esteemed general studies classes for the remaining part of the day. The exhilarating day came to a close at 4:00 with parting words from various MTA administrators, and all the students then boarded their buses, returning to their respective communities after an exciting day at MTA.


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