by Hillel Krief (’16)

On Thursday, December 31st, in response to the revived nation-wide interest in Star Wars due to the recently released new movie directed by J.J. Abrams, Rabbi Blackstein gave a shiur on the topic of connecting Torah to “The Force.” Without spoiling the movie for you: the gist of the shiur was a comparison of The Divine Force to the Divine Spirit as well as a comparison of various Jedis to major characters in Tanach. While the shiur was both entertaining and humorous, it was also informative in the realms of both Tanach and the Jedis. Rabbi Blackstein demonstrated a vast knowledge of both topics and was able to suggest many chiddushim on the ethical nature of many Star Wars filming and screening choices. All in all, the shiur was a massive success and proved to be something you can get #NowhereButHere.


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