by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

On Monday, January 11th, the MTA Wrestling Team had their 5th match of the season against the Lexington High School for the Deaf. The Lexington High School is for students with hearing impairments, and require slightly altered rules when wrestling: the referee must touch the back of both wrestlers while blowing the whistle in order to stop the action. After weigh-ins, the match began and MTA received two forfeits by Lexington, resulting in an immediate lead. MTA lost their first match, but enjoyed two wins and 7 forfeits while only forfeiting one weight class for a near shut-out victory. Although the students at Lexington did have hearing impairments, they were by no means any less of a team than any of MTA’s other opponents, which meant they would face a loss to the MTA Wrestling Lions, who were still undefeated at the end of the match with a record of 5-0.


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