by Rami Nordlicht (’16)

On Monday at lunch, the members of the Honors College assembled with their grade cohorts to discuss an excellent and relevant piece of literature: American Judaism by Jonathan Sarna. In each cohort, students were able to discuss Sarna’s thesis regarding how American Judaism has evolved at cultural, societal, and definitional levels, and what Judaism has meant to Americans – both as a religion and as an ethnicity- throughout American history. Students were able to gain tremendous insights into how numerous historical events, such as WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, and suburbanization affected the lives of American Jews and they were also able to compare the effects that past events had on Jewish communities to the way Jewish communities react today to contemporary features of American society. The group discussions allowed students to truly appreciate what it means to be a Jewish American citizen and we look forward to holding similarly interesting Honors College events in the future.


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