by CJ Glicksman (’16)

The Yeshiva University Seforim Sale, the largest Seforim Sale in North America and the second largest Seforim Sale in the world, has been going on this year since February 7th and will continue through February 28th. The sale offers over ten thousand titles of Jewish seforim and books, including Sifrei Tanach and Gemaras with commentary, works on halacha, novels, history books, cookbooks, and many many more titles and genres. The sale even includes a section of books written by YU rebbeim and faculty. It is an annual success, and, in fact, has sales of over a million dollars!

This past week, all MTA shiurim went to the Seforim Sale and searched through the thousands of fascinating pieces of Jewish literature. Students were able to purchase any of the books they desired.

A scavenger hunt was designed for the 9th grade, in which the students were divided into six groups and had to take pictures of and record seforim that pertained to certain questions. At the end of the hunt, every participant received ice cream as a reward. The winning group received a free pizza lunch together with Rabbi Pearl and Rabbi Cohn. It was an incredible experience and everyone had a great time.


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