by CJ Glicksman (’16)

The Mock Trial team played its second match of the year this past Wednesday night. Lawyers Chaim Roffman (’16), Yehuda Goldberg (’16), and Ben Zuckier (’17) argued on behalf of Officer Flanagan. They faced the defense of the Bronx School of Law and Public Service who supported the alleged drug dealer, Kelly Roberts. The witnesses, Leslie Mooney, Officer Flanagan, and Dr. Jordan Taylor, a forensic chemist who specialized in the particular drug that Roberts allegedly sold, were played by Mendel Weintraub (’16), Mordechai Flamenbaum (’19), and Noam Mayerfeld (’19), respectively. After three heated hours of opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, objections, and closing statements, MTA emerged victorious. They gained sixty-two out of sixty-five possible points (falling only two points short of their counterparts, the defense, which played and won last week). Afterwards, the Mock Trial team left the Manhattan Court House with their heads held high once again. They hope to continue their success in their next match which will not take place for two weeks, because they will now receive a bye in the tournament as a reward for their accomplishments.


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