by Raziel Siegman (’17)

After school on Thursday, the Junior and Senior Arista members, accompanied by many of their parents and faculty members , headed to Belfer Hall for the annual Arista dinner. The night kicked off with light appetizers as people arrived. Once everyone was seated, Mrs. Levitt, who directs the MTA Arista chapter, welcomed the guests and introduced speeches from various Senior Arista members, who described what it means to be in Arista, what the society stands for, as well as outlining many of their accomplishments over the past year. One of this year’s new highlights, for example, has been the “Each One Teach One” program, a service in which Arista members tutor students every morning during breakfast in the library. After a presentation by the MTA chorus, a delicious chinese dinner was served to the attendees. After dinner, Rabbi Taubes gave an inspiring speech which was centered around the trip that he took recently with the “Names, Not Numbers” Seniors to Poland. Rabbi Taubes described how the participants visited concentration camps and memorials, but more importantly, how they learned about the improbable and staggering interest in and revitalization of Jewish life in Poland, once the center of Ashkenazi Jewry. To cap off the evening, each Senior Arista member was recognized for his service, the Juniors were officially inducted, and next year’s Arista officers were announced. Thank you to Mrs. Levitt who dedicated many weeks in preparation for the dinner, and for all the work that she puts into the Arista program.


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