As reported earlier, MTA students has a stronghold on most of the top spots in YU’s Bronka Weintraub Bekius program, in which students from various yeshivos around the country participate. Last week, the third round results were released and MTA continues to lead the pack. In the Boys’ Daf competition, Yair Caplan (’17) and Yehuda Goldberg (’17) are both tied at the top with perfect scores. Yitzy Weiss (’17) follows closely, giving MTA all 3 top spots. Max Landsberg (’16) is not far behind, rounding out MTA’s lock on 4 of the top 10 spots. In the Boys’ Amud competition, MTA holds 7 of the top 9 spots!. Yehuda Snow (’19) is in first, and is joined on the leaderboard by Shlomo Fink (’19), David Tanner (’18), Ephraim Meiri (’18), Mordechai Flamenbaum (’19), Ephraim Crystal (’19) and Noam Mayerfeld (’19). We couldn’t be prouder!


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