by Rafi Felder (’17)

After waiting months for the right moment, Rabbi Mendelson and his Shiur enjoyed a tailgating party, which they had won at the Chinese Auction earlier in the school year. It just so happened to be that Wednesday was one of the most beautiful days so far this year in terms of the weather. The boys in the Shiur left excitedly at 9:30 AM, right after breakfast, and headed down to the open turf-fields a few blocks away, equipment in hand and ready to have a blast. Teams were created, cones were laid, and the first game of ultimate-frisbee began! There were also extra footballs hanging around, and some talmidim “shmoozed” with Rebbe. Subsequent games of ultimate-frisbee football were played, until, 3 hours into the humid, 85-degree air, many of the talmidim were too exhausted to go on. They gathered the equipment and returned, not to MTA, but across the street from MTA where they were greeted by Rabbi Green and Elie Hirt, who graciously spent much of their morning grilling and preparing a delicious BBQ! The talmidim then made their way to the air-conditioned Annex, enjoyed the BBQ and a Niggun from Rabbi Mendelson, davened Mincha, and returned to their afternoon classes.


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