On Thursday morning, Rabbi Tanchum Cohen’s WBMK Shiur formally concluded their year with a comprehensive oral bechinah with YU Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Hershel Schachter, shlita (’58). This final exam was a continuation of Monday’s lunch with Mr. Wrubel as part of a weeklong celebration of the Shiur’s accomplishments. Because the test covered the vast majority of the topics that the Shiur had learned during the entire year and was being administered by asuch a prominent Rosh Yeshiva, the members of the Shiur knew that this bechinah would probably be their toughest challenge yet. Nevertheless, the bechinah was a smashing success, as the members of the Shiur were able to have a well thought out, intellectual, and interesting conversation with Rav Schachter. After the bechinah, the members of the Shiur went to Bergenfield for a final seudas preidah at the home of Rabbi Cohen, which included final reflections and messages that were delivered by the members of the Shiur and a final sendoff by Rabbi Cohen. The events of the day concluded an outstanding year of learning, the conclusion of which will always be remembered by its participants.


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