by Ephraim Landa (’19)


Immediately after davening on Lag Ba’Omer, the MTA 9th graders piled onto the coach busses and were off to their end-of-year rafting trip! After a 2 hour drive, we got off the bus in Jim Thorpe, PA and changed into our bathing suits, excited and ready to get on the river. After hearing quick instructions from the guides, we got on their busses taking us upstream to the loading point on the river. When we arrived, we split up into pre-made groups, picked out our rafts, and headed out. The day was beautiful, and with perfect water temperature, we paddled down the river, splashing each other and occasionally jumping in and swimming around. About half way through, we stopped for a quick snack and break. When we completed the route, we hopped back on the bus and headed back to the headquarters, where we changed and enjoyed sports and a delicious barbecue, with food grilled to perfection by Rabbi Green! We would like to thank the Rebbeim, Rabbi Green, and Elie Hirt for their hard work, time, and dedication to making this trip a success!


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