by Raziel Siegman (’17)


This past Wednesday, the eleventh grade “Meet the Israeli Author” class held its final Skype meeting with renowned award winning author, Chana Bat Shachar. Over the course of the year, the students wrote a short story in Hebrew, with the help of Morah Haibi, who supervised and prepared them for the monthly sessions. Every few weeks, they would Skype with Ms. Bat Shachar, who would guide them through their stories with writing advice and strategies. This week, the students made their final edits with Ms. Bat Shachar. Before they said goodbye, each student shared what he gained from the class this year. The responses included learning skills in writing a story – such as painting a detailed picture of the setting and having the main character face many problems – and improving their Hebrew. After all the hard work and challenges throughout the year, it felt great to finally have completed their stories, which will be published in the “Meet the Israeli Author” journal and archived at the National Library of Israel and at Yeshiva University’s Mendel Gottesman Library. Thank you to Morah Haibi and Chana Bat Shachar, as well as Mrs. Rosenberg, who organizes this amazing program.


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