by Ezra Wildes (’17)

On Tuesday night, the MTA Lions Tennis Team came to the courts determined to win their last match of the season. After previous setbacks, they were motivated to do whatever it would take to battle their opponent, Kushner. As MTA arrived at the courts, they watched in fear as the All-Star Kushner team practiced with incredible force and perfection. However, the Lions were motivated to defy all odds by their inspirational coach, Eli Gerwitz (’07). As the sun began to set, the matches commenced. The tension filled the air as the various matches picked up in intensity. With sweat pouring from his beard, Josh Zyskind (’17) aced his opponent and knocked him down with his wicked strikes. Ezra Wildes (’17) strategically battled the flaws of his opponent to take the lead and win his match. Eli Gruenberg (’17) sliced his way to victory throughout an intense and remarkable match. And Josh Hamburger (’17) and Yossi Mandelbaum (’17) flawlessly left Kushner with their jaws dropped winning a total shutout (10-0). Through the tremendous effort and skill of the entire team, MTA managed to defeat Kushner 5-0 in a grueling match that truly depicted the will and talent of the MTA Tennis team. It was a true David and Goliath victory for MTA, resulting in an incredible end of the season.


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