by Ari Englander (’17)


This past Wednesday evening, following the last day of regular classes before exams, Arista held their bi-annual Study Night to assist anyone who felt he needed a little help with preparing for finals. At 6:10 PM, the first of three 1 hour long periods commenced. During these periods, students had the opportunity to go to the designated classrooms of their own particular teachers, who graciously reviewed their respective subjects. Additionally, students had the option to seek help from one of the Arista student tutors who utilized the lab and Room 404. After about an hour, pizza and water were distributed to all, followed by Maariv and Oreo’s at 9:00 PM. Thank you to Mrs. Levitt and the Arista Society for organizing yet another successful Study Night, and to all of the teachers and Rebbeim who stayed to help! Good luck on finals!

For more photos, please click here.


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