by Akiva Richman (’19)

The MTA JV Softball Lions team played HAFTR last Friday in the semi-finals. Both teams scored a run in the first inning; in the second inning, HAFTR scored another run, but MTA was able to score 3 runs making the score 4-2. MTA’s second run of the game came home thanks to a solo homer by Chaim Weinstein (’18). Later in the game, a HAFTR player hit a double, but was then called out when MTA appealed the play at first base, since the HAFTR player missed the bag on his way to second. At one point, Eitan Pfeiffer (’19), MTA’s pitcher, was in a tough battle against one of HAFTR’s hitters. After 7 pitches, Pfeiffer won the battle by making a full extension diving catch in foul territory. After a little more scoring, MTA scored 2 insurance runs in the sixth inning, and won 7-4. The Lions are now headed to face DRS in the championship game, scheduled to take place Sunday morning, June 19th, at Frisch Field! More details and fan information will be sent out shortly.


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