After months of developing their ideas, attending workshops and presentations by various business professors and executives, and receiving mentorship from Sy Syms School of Business School students, a few members of the MTA LEAD program presented their business plans to the MTA LEAD Executive Council members who were in attendance. Simcha Hoffman (’16) showcased his app, G-List, which allows people to easily collaborate on lists, Noam Mayerfeld (’19) shared his unique idea of easily accessible and relatively inexpensive kosher food in demographic areas that would most benefit, and Akiva Cooper (’18), who worked on his project with Elie Burg (’18), showcased a website that would more easily aggregate shopping information by product.

Each of the presentations were incredibly well put together and thought out. After much delibiration, the committee selected Simcha Hoffman’s presentation as the 2016 MTA LEAD winning project; Simcha will recieve an Amazon giftcard as a reward. Each of the projects will be eligible for further mentoring and guidance by a business leader. Congratulations to all!!


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