by Ben Tzion Zuckier (’17)

This past Sunday, Yom Yerushalayim, MTA marched in the annual Celebrate Israel Parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City. The day began in school with davening in which Hallel was sung at the end to mark the 49th anniversary of the unification of Yerushalayim. A regular morning of Shiurim followed, ending with Mincha and the boarding of the busses. Then, joining over 40,000 marchers from different schools and organizations to support Israel and entertain hundreds of thousands of spectators in New York and on TV, the Yeshiva University schools, including MTA, Central, Yeshiva College, Stern College, Einstein, and Cardozo, joined the parade at 3 o’clock. The parade was scheduled rain or shine and it was certainly raining for most of the morning and even when the students departed from Washington Heights; however, when it was time for us to march, the skies cleared up! The march was exciting and enjoyable as the students enthusiastically paraded down Fifth Avenue singing and chanting for Israel along with many of their Rebbeim and teachers. Busses returned students to MTA after the event in high spirits and joyous for the Land of Israel. All students who attended the parade were treated the next day to a pizza lunch, as a “thank you” for coming out even under less than ideal weather conditions to show their support for the Jewish homeland.


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